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How to Know When Your Office Furniture Needs an Upgrade

July 12, 2018

You might have had your office furniture for so long that you take it for granted. Unfortunately, that familiarity can turn out to be a real problem. When you’re so used to something, it can be difficult to notice the flaws. Here are some signs to help you know that your office furniture needs an upgrade.

Torn up

Look around your office. Do you see chairs that are losing their leather and desks that are scuffed to oblivion? Your furniture should be properly reflective of your workplace. It should be something that you would be proud to show to others. If everything looks like it’s ready to be thrown out, how are people supposed to take you seriously? Even more importantly, how are you supposed to take your company seriously?

Not everything is going to be showroom quality forever, but something can definitely be said for realizing when something has been worn out for far too long. By getting new furniture, you can give yourself and your employees a fresh start.


Worn-out furniture isn’t just cosmetically unappealing. It can also be difficult for people to use and be comfortable. Let’s suppose you have chairs that are tilted or desks that give no room for employees to stretch their legs. It’s things like this that might seem small but can have a negative impact on an employee’s ability to be productive. You don’t want employees to be comfortable to the point that they’re falling asleep at work, but an office upgrade can be much needed.

Out of Style

Some looks were better decades ago. If your office looks like it came out of the 1980s or 1990s, you should try getting some new furniture. Make sure that you have a tasteful scheme that can appeal to as many people as possible.

Is it time to upgrade your office chairs? At  Nickerson Corporation we believe that having efficient office furniture with ample storage and comfort will lead to a more productive day. We have partnered with top manufacturers to provide quality office and administrative furniture to professional buildings throughout New York and New Jersey.