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Fall Bleacher Sports You Want to Start Practicing Now For

July 25, 2018

With the start of the school year approaching, there’s another great time of the year coming our way — fall sports season! From tailgating to cheering on your favorite team to playing yourself, there are plenty of reasons to get excited. Here’s how you can spend the rest of the summer gearing up for fall bleacher sport.


There’s nothing like sitting down under those Friday night lights and watching your kids battle on the gridiron. Most football teams start practicing by the end of August, so make sure you’re raring to go.

Make sure your kid’s equipment is clean and fully functioning — no one need to find out his shoulder pads are broken when he gets tackled during the third quarter. And invest in some bleacher cushions and blankets — we all know how cold late fall game can get.


Soccer is a game of endurance, so make sure your child is ready. Take them on runs each morning — maybe sick to a treadmill if it’s too hot to run outside — and practice kicking drills with them each day.

Set them up with a new set of cleats, and stock up on plenty of water and sports drinks to keep them hydrated during games.


Help your kids bump, set, and spike their way to a victorious volleyball season this fall. There are plenty of summer volleyball leagues that your child can join to keep them in shape and on top of their game, plus you can also bring a volleyball to the beach and practice keeping it up.

General Fall Sports Tips


Coaches and parents should discuss the team’s practice and game schedule early, as well as the safety risks and precautions that come with playing any sport.

Get Back in Shape

Players should start getting back into shape and building their endurance up if they took a little breaker during the summer.

Watch Game Film

Get ahold of some videos from past seasons to watch with your little athletes, and help them identify areas they excelled and areas they could improve, so they improve their skills for this coming fall.

Upgrade Your Bleachers

Indoor or outdoors, if the places your spectators are supposed to sit are splintered or rusted, you’re going to have a hard time filling the fan sections for games.

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