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A Teacher’s Guide to Preparing Science in the Classroom

July 21, 2018

One of the most important subjects for students today is science — and as a teacher, you’ll not only want to teach it thoroughly but make it as exciting as possible for your students, too!

Choose Your Concepts. Believe it or not, science is a vast subject. What you choose to focus on will depend significantly on the age of students, as well as the area of your expertise, too. First and foremost, your students will pick up on your enthusiasm, and hopefully, it will be contagious! Knowing what your course curriculum will entail, you’ll want to take the time to plan out your lessons thoroughly, while finding ways to incorporate fun, too!

Ideas for Experiments. While there are many different science concepts you may introduce in the fall, you’ll want to find some experiments that will coincide with your lesson plans. This will be an excellent way to peak your students’ interest in the subject, as well as solidifying the lesson plan in their mind.

When thinking about what type of experiments you’d like to conduct, think of the most popular ones — such as volcanoes, slime, invisible ink, vegetable batteries, and crystal growing, to name a few. All of these are relatively simple to do with minimal supplies and won’t take up too much class time, either.

Start Preparing Now. Although the school is just around the corner, a little thought now will go a long way towards making it a fantastic school year as possible. Also, you’ll want to think of the supplies that many experiments will need and the prep work that follows — especially for the messy ones. Once you have decided on the curriculum for the year, you can then shop for supplies and materials to really make your school year an incredible one!

On a final note: If you take the time to prepare for the upcoming school year now, you won’t be overwhelmed by it once fall arrives!