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Parent and Kid-Activities That Involve Science

July 6, 2018

Looking to keep your children occupied while letting them learn something? Don’t worry – there are many kid-friendly activities that are just as educational as they are fun! To add some science fun into the rest of your summer, here are three fun ways to do so:

Show A Documentary

Every kid loves watching movies, so why not show your child a movie that is both entertaining and educational? Nature documentaries are often popular with young animal lovers, while future history buffs will love a good family approved biographical movie.

Play Trivia

There are many fun activities that incorporate trivia. You can give your children flashcards of interesting facts to learn, and then have them interact in a quiz competition. Turn the tables and have them quiz you!

Make It a Game

A hands-on activity is one of the best ways to teach, and it is especially useful when it comes to science. Try using fun experiments to convey key scientific concepts while letting your kid be hands on. If you’re willing to do some educational activities that are a little unusual or weird, you are sure to amuse and engage. Educate them about gravity with a falling egg and parachute experiment. You can even put on a play and recreate a famous battle in history!


As a parent trying to find educational summer activities for your kid, these options are all great choices. Try one of these kid-friendly activities and help your child discover that learning can be fun. 

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