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Ways to Encourage Summer Reading

June 23, 2018

With a long year of testing, homework and class projects — children often head into the summer ready to enjoy some outdoor fun. Though beach and pool days are great — it’s essential to keep their mind busy too, and summer reading is a great way to do so! To get your kids diving into more than just the pool, here’s how to float your idea into a good summer reading routine!

Offer Variety

For your children to thoroughly enjoy the reading task at hand, they must have the option to choose. Take a trip to the library and explore a variety of genres, a bring a few that interest your child home. By providing your kid with a variety of different reading materials, you both can learn what interests them — making choosing their further books easier and easier.

Make it a Group Effort

Now is the perfect time to bond with your family. You can read one on one with your child, or if you have multiple siblings — read a different book each night. Allow the kids to read a few lines and act out parts if necessary. The nightly routine will soon become a family favorite.

Openly Discuss

After you finish your book, be sure to discuss with your kid their thoughts. By dissecting the book, the meaning and the characters your child can see reading in a new light. It will also encourage them to absorb and pay attention more, too.

Don’t Overdo it

Keep reading time down to small increments and pay attention to your kids reaction. You want them to enjoy and fully appreciate the book, and if you read beyond their attention span, they can miss bits and pieces that can be vital to the story. To keep your kid engaged — start with 20-30 minutes each night, and expand if need.

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