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Summer Fun

Embracing Summer With Your Kids

June 21, 2018

The first few weeks of school being out can seem like a whirlwind. The lack of schedule and routine can often have parents feeling like they don’t know what day it is. Though the lazy first few days might seem like a vacation— eventually you and your children might get a little stir crazy. To make the short summer feel like a fun packed relaxing one, you’ll want to have a plan. Here are five family fun summer activities you and your kids can do together:

1. Create a Summer Wishlist

Create a full list of events, trips, and accomplishments you and your kids want to do this summer. Place it on a presentation board and check it off as you go. Whether it’s learning to ride a bike, or hitting your local theme parks — this list will keep everyone busy all summer long!

2. Go For a Picnic

You don’t have to go far for this one — your backyard will do! If you are looking to have a lazy day and want to get your kids away from the TV, why not move lunch outdoors? Grab a blanket, and you have a DIY picnic.

3. Fly Kites

Nothing says summer like kites! For those days where you want to sleep in, and a beach day seems like too much work, flying kites with your kids can be a great outdoor activity that can give you a few hours of carefree fun.

4. Write About The Summer Ahead

Rainy days can happen, and by midday, your kids might have played every game in the home. To change up their routine and get their creative wheels working — consider breaking out some pens and pencils and get to writing. Create a story, play mad libs or write about their favorite things of summer.

5. Create a Time Capsule

This activity will be good for years to come! So many things can change in a few years, and it’s always fun to look back at the memories. Have your kids put some stuff they’ll want to look back on in a box. Determine a specific date and location in which it will stay, and pull it out and discuss in the future years.


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