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Boost Office Morale With Summer Fun

June 14, 2018

The summer months are here! As the weather continues to warm up, the more your office productivity can begin to suffer. Between vacation days being used, and your employees spending the beautiful sunny days at their desk, it’s only natural that your office can begin to lose a little steam. If you are looking to ensure that your staff powers through the summer with increased productivity, we have some tips below:

Have a Company Picnic

Lunchtime is the perfect time to get out there and enjoy the sunshine. Whether you have a company outing at a restaurant outdoors, or you merely hold a bbq in your parking lot, the increased Vitamin D can give your employees the energy they need to power through the day.

After Work Events

With sunlight increasing, now is the perfect time to create after work, family fun events. Depending on your office size, your options vary. Whether you plan a trip to a baseball game, or you host a family carnival, you can show your employees how much you care while still having a little fun.

Consider Summer Fridays

Many companies have opted to adapt their work weeks to fit in summer Friday.  By working a little longer each weekday, you can give your staff to rotate half days on Fridays. This allows that all hours are covered — and your team can spend quality time with their family, and feel like their summer isn’t spent working away.

Switch Up Office Decor

Office decor can play a lot in mood and productivity. Now is the time to get into the summer feel! Let some sunshine in, play some soft beach music, and add plants if you can. A few changes and your office will be powering through their work in no time!

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