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The Benefits of Plants in Your Office

May 2, 2018

When it comes to designing your office, your first thought might be the overall setup. We often find ourselves thinking about whether we want an open floor plan, cubicles or a row of offices. By the time your office is fully set up, it can be pretty easy to forget about the details and decor. But what is your office furniture if it doesn’t have accent pieces to go along with it or a bit of nature?


When it comes to creating a desirable office, more and more studies are showing that the overall experience matters, and one of the best ways to encourage better work morale is through greenery! If your office currently plants free, here’s how your office can benefit from a little plant action

Stress Reducer

Plants are welcoming and warm, the can make the office feel less cold and with that can come a great deal of stress relief for your employees. With just the addition of one plant, studies show employees see a reduction in fatigue, and anger making for an overall better workplace!

More Productivity

By having plants visible to your employees, it can keep them creative and productive throughout the day! Plants are known to change your mindset allowing you to be more open to creativity and more focused on the tasks at hand.

Better Quality Overall

Not only will your employees love the scenery of greenery, during the application process, but employees are also more likely to choose an office full of plants vs. one that’s cold and green free. Other benefits that come with your new potted friends include cleaner air, less chance of sickness, and noise reduction too. Just be sure to choose easy to manage plants, and don’t forget to keep them watered!


At  Nickerson Corporation we believe that having efficient office furniture with ample storage and comfort will lead to a more productive day. We have partnered with top manufacturers to provide quality office and administrative furniture to professional buildings throughout New York and New Jersey.