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Safety Tips for Pet Day in the Office

Safety Tips for Pet Day in the Office

April 11, 2018

There is nothing nicer than having the freedom to bring your favorite furry friend to work for the day. But whether it’s once a year or every Friday, safety is an important aspect of creating a pleasant experience for yourself, your pet, and everyone in the office. That’s why it’s important to:

Keep Your Pet Close

Have a plan to keep your pet close to you while you work. While it may not be feasible to let Fido sit in your lap while you type, keeping your pet nearby is important. If you have an office, using a removable pet gate is a great way to keep your pet by your side. An alternative to a pet gate is tethering your pet with a leash if they are prone to wander.

Care for Your Canine

It’s important to keep snacks on hand if you want to keep your pet happy. Plan appropriate breaks for your pet to eat and go for short walks and potty breaks. Bring a bowl of water and pet bed or rug for them as well. And don’t forget those dog waste bags! Be prepared for cleanup in the event your dog has an accident.

Consider Your Coworkers

Be aware that your coworkers may be allergic to your pet or have a fear of dogs. Even if your four-legged pal is the most docile dog you know, it’s important to respect any coworkers who want to maintain a safe distance from him. Check with them the day before in case you need to avoid their work-space.

Most of all don’t forget to have fun on pet day! Enjoy the pleasure of being productive while in the company of your favorite pet!

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