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kindergarten way of the future

Kindergarten: Your Child’s Way of Growing

April 18, 2018

Although many people believed that only Nostradamus had the ability to peer forward in time and make accurate predictions of events that would unfold, we think he’s far from the only one with the gift of foresight — let us explain.

The interpersonal connections and relationships that children form during their early years act as a large indicator of how they will perform in higher education, friendships, romantic dealings, and the workplace. By encouraging young children to grow and expand their curiosity, we systematically influence how our civilization will unfold.

Why Kindergarten Matters

Simply put, early education is one of the defining factors of a young child’s mind and greatly impacts how they will grow into an adult. More importantly, a classroom setting provides extensive tools and activities that sculpt social cues and interactions between children as their minds flourish. Whether we realize it or not, a large portion of how a successful society operates is through person-to-person communication and verbal exchanges. Children that don’t develop these skills before first grade are at a disadvantage compared to students who’ve experienced kindergarten.

An Expert’s Point of View

To illustrate this point more clearly, the experts on education advocate that parents send their children to kindergarten as a way to prep them for things to come. It instills in them the beauty of learning and how it can create new realities in their young and growing minds. For parents that want their child to be a go-getter as they age, kindergarten is a must.

Children will, quite literally, run our country some day. The way in which we encourage them to treat one another will largely be influenced by their early education and educational background. For those that wish to see an efficient and successful society in the years to come, kindergarten is a necessity.


At Nickerson, we know the importance of choosing the correct classroom furniture for preschool age children. In a room full of young children, additional safety measures – such as rounded corners and stable furniture that won’t tip over – are necessary.