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children and thanks

A Thankful Thursday Full of Joy!

April 26, 2018

Just as its name suggests, Thankful Thursday is all about — you guessed it — giving thanks! Whether big or small, in or out of the classroom, there’s plenty we can all give thanks for this Thursday. Below are a few ways you can encourage your students to give thanks, this week:

  • Have a “thank you” monitor in the classroom. Make it their job to keep an eye out for people not saying “thank you” and to politely remind them to express their appreciation.
  • Set a good example. Kids are sponges — they absorb everything in their surrounding, even how the teacher acts.
  • Organize a toy drive. Volunteering and charitable drives teach kids about empathy and to appreciate what they have because they start to understand that there are people less fortunate than themselves.
  • Handwritten thank you’s. Practice writing skills and gratitude by asking each student to write a letter to anyone they want, thanking them for something they’ve done.
  • Sticky-note Day. Give each student a few sticky notes and ask them to write compliments on each. Throughout the day, encourage them to leave the notes around the classroom and on other students’ desk.
  • “I am thankful for…” If your students are too young to write, ask them to draw a picture of something they’re thankful for.
  • Have students pitch in around the classroom. Giving kids a sense of responsibility not only makes them more goal-oriented and organized, it also makes them appreciative of the many things that are done for them. Each week, assign students a new task, such as feeding the pet fish, turning off the lights when you leave the room, and putting stray books away.
  • A gratitude time capsule. Ask your little one to write down the many things they’re thankful for on slips of paper. Then, place all of those papers in a glass jar and bury it in the backyard (or just place it somewhere in your basement or attic). After a few years have passed, go back and find the jar.

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