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How to Survive The Monday After Daylights Savings

March 11, 2018

Daylight savings time forces us to lose an hour of sleep. It also affects our work habits and our day in the office. However, it is possible to cope with the time change. It just takes time and effort to adjust at home, school, or at work behind our desks. However, there is hope on the horizon for sleepy-heads. The good news is that it only takes about a day or so for us to adjust to the time change. The even better news is that the following tips will help smooth the transition.

Go To Bed Early

The quickest way to ease into the new daylight savings time in the office is to simply go to bed an hour or two earlier than usual, the night before daylight savings time hits. Generally, the reason that we feel drowsy behind our desks is that of sleep deprivation. Office workers might feel tired, sleepy, and unmotivated to tackle the workload. Tackle the problem head on, by simply going to bed a bit earlier today.

Get Moving

Instead, of sitting behind a desk or slumbering during a break, get up and start moving. Take the stairs instead of the elevator at work or school. Go for a brisk walk or a jog during a lunchtime, if possible. The fact is that we’ve got to get moving and stay active. If we get the blood flowing through our body, it boosts oxygen levels and helps us to perform better on the job.

Stay Hydrated

We assume that a good cup of coffee with a high caffeine content will keep us wide awake and motivated to work. The fact is that coffee might do us more harm than good because the caffeine might overstimulate or stress out our system. Instead, keep hydrated and reduce stress by drinking water through the day.

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