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How to Celebrate Plant A Flower Day in The Classroom

March 12, 2018

Flowers are not only pretty to look at, they are also a wonderful teaching tool. From the initial seed to the first flower bud, planting a flower can really get kids interested in learning. So why not do it today? Not only is an affordable lesson plan that can provide education for weeks to come, but it can also brighten up your classroom come spring. So in honor of Plant a Flower day, here’s how to get the celebration rolling.

Think Science-Based

We know teaching kids about plant life provides an excellent education for a science class. The class can discuss nature, planting and growing while enjoying getting dirty and digging in the dirt. This is easily accomplished with a combination of activities, videos, and projects. The place to begin is by actually planting the seeds. If the classroom has windows place the seeds on the sill in the light and watch the excitement on kid’s faces when the seeds begin to sprout and grow.

The Different Types of Plants

We recommend teaching the kids about a variety of plants. This includes everything from flowering bulbs to a beautiful cactus. The kids can write about what they have learned, draw pictures of the plants and even keep a journal to record what they have seen. The kids can make flowers of their own to take home out of origami paper to remember the experience. Kids have amazing imaginations and this can be combined with the process of growing plants right in their classroom.

The Fun of Videos

Why not find a video about all the different parts of a plant. This will make it easier for the younger kids to learn. or try a time-lapse video. This will show the kids exactly how the root system of a plant grows as the days pass.

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