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How Organizing Your Home Office Can Increase Productivity

March 22, 2018

Working in a distracting, messy, or cluttered environment can negatively affect your work. It is essential that you maintain a well-organized home office at all times to ensure optimal productivity. Not only will you get a job done efficiently, but it will also give you a feeling of competence and control. This ultimately will lead to an even higher level of productivity.

Start From Scratch

Set aside a few hours to completely purge your workspace. Go through all of the documents, trinkets, or paperwork you don’t need and shred or toss them. Now you will need to create a small area of your workspace to catch incoming junk. You can set up a tray or credenza that will hold trash, documents that you need to keep, and essential documents. This will help keep your space clean without any effort.

Keep Your Desktop Area Free From Clutter

The desktop area is one of the most critical areas of your home office. Your work style is reflected in your surroundings. The cleaner your desktop area is the more productive your workflow will be.

Consider creating two zones when approaching your office organization. Zone one should be your computer work and where you spend most of your time. Zone two should be an area that is free from computers, cords, or monitors. This might be where you peruse through documents, sign papers, or stamp envelopes.

By keeping your home office organized, you can begin to focus on the task at hand while avoiding any unnecessary distractions.

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