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Celebrating Science Education Day in The Classroom

March 14, 2018

Science has always been a part of the basic subjects in the educational system. Its importance is vital to stimulate young minds to think outside of the box. When we think of science we think of numbers, the earth, the sky, and the human body. Nowadays science encompasses so much more, we need to motivate our children to study this subject and become the future scientists of the millennium.

Why We Should Celebrate Science Day

Since its inception in 2014, Science Education Day, gives everyone a chance to meet and greet and share their passion for science. It’s also a chance for those in the field of science to receive kudos for all they do in venues everywhere; adults and children can show their appreciation. This day of thanks is not just for science teachers and school volunteers, but it is also for those of service ranging from national park staff, museum staff, and any informal or formal science setting representative.

Celebrating Science in the Classroom

On this day students in classrooms across America can write thank you notes to their teachers and post kudos on social media websites. Teachers and science enthusiasts can share stories and pictures on scientific discoveries or activities. Adults and parents can take this opportunity to say thank you by possibly making donations to local science institutions; such as a museum or national park. It’s also a great opportunity for adults to donate their time and become a volunteer at a school or scientific institution. We should all say thank you to those with a passion for science that makes us think far and beyond the ordinary.


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