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spring and kids

Bringing The First Day of Spring Into The Classroom

March 19, 2018

March 20 is the official day when the spring season begins. This is a time of year when the snow goes away, the days get longer, plant life starts to bloom, and school children start to get ready for summer vacation. Spring is a great season for doing projects and for teaching children about weather, nature, and life.To incorporate spring into your regular daily lesson plan, here’s what you should know: 

Science Projects and Spring

On the first day of spring, teachers use a science project to teach kids about plant life. We all know that trees and flowers start to bud in the spring. You can use various plants within their classroom to illustrate this point. A great way to carry out this project is to grow a variety of different plants in pots.Explain and show students how properly care for the plants while they’re developing. This type of instruction provides a great education for children.

Learning about the Weather During the Spring Season

Another great spring project is examining the weather. Springtime in the U.S. is defined by a lot of rain. This rain is necessary because it helps prepare plant life to grow after lying dormant all winter long. Have their children track the weather during this season to determine how many rainy days the season will have. They can also measure the amount of rainfall, learn about daylight savings time, and gain knowledge about tornadoes and thunderstorms.

The Benefits of Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is another great way for kids to learn about the season. Spring cleaning is a practice that has always been around. When the spring happens, things become new again and many people get rid of old things. They also clean up their environment. This is the same thing that mother nature does during the springtime. Teach your pupils about the benefits of nature taking away debris and trash from its environment it can also help to show children why its important for them to clean up after themselves.


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