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Ways to Celebrate Women’s History Month in The Classroom

February 26, 2018

In 1980, President Carter declared March 2 to March 8 Women’s History Week. But it seems like Congress quickly realized that all of the accomplishments by women couldn’t possibly be celebrated in just one week, because seven years later they signed a bill proclaiming all of March to be Women’s History Month.

In honor of Women’s History Month, below are many ways, both big and small, that you can teach your students about women’s history and encourage them to celebrate the strong women in their lives.

  1. Have students hand write a letter to a woman in their life, thanking them for always being there.
  2. Teach students to be more conscious of their speech and encourage them not to use the phrase “like a girl,” negatively.
  3. Read books by female writers.
  4. Watch men and women’s speeches from around the world during last year’s Women’s March.
  5. Have the female students in your class write about positive and negative experiences they’ve had as women.
  6. Ask students to create a playlist of female-empowering songs.
  7. Start a buddy program within your school where older female students mentor younger girls.
  8. Ask students to read or watch one article, news clip, blog, or speech about women’s history each day of March.
  9. Take your class on a field trip. In March, the American History Museum will be featuring the “First Ladies at the Smithsonian exhibition.” The Air and Space Museum will also be hosting a “Women at Nasa” discussion on March 23.
  10. Ask students to only speak positively about the women in their life for the entire month of March.
  11. Have students choose a female historical figure at random on March 1. On March 31, have them present what they learned about that woman to the class.
  12. Make this list of Women’s History events in New York City available to all of your students. 

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