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Prepping and Preventing Spring Allergies in The Classroom

February 28, 2018

There are many things that school district support staff can do that will help reduce allergies in the classrooms. Many schools will use spring break as an opportunity to have the school sterilized as best as possible. Teachers will usually take it upon themselves to do basic cleaning throughout the day which will eliminate the spread of germs and bacteria, this basic cleaning involves wiping desks with cleaning wipes and often spraying germ killing sprays on common surfaces. Allergies, however can be a little bit trickier to combat.

How are allergens being brought into the school?

  • On clothing and backpacks from homes and outdoors
  • Through open windows and doors
  • On bodies of staff and children after they come inside from being outside

Keeping Your Class Allergy Free

Pollen, dust and other allergens can easily be carried into a building on a person’s clothing or in their hair. Having students remove jackets that they wore outside will help reduce all day exposure to pollen and dust.

Seeing The Difference

Recognizing the difference between allergies and a cold can sometimes be difficult. The early signs of a cold such as watery eyes, coughing, and runny noses can often mimic allergies. The best way to prevent the outbreak of a cold, is to keep windows closed and the classroom clean.

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