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Here’s How to Show Your Office Some Love

February 13, 2018

If you are looking for a way to show your employees some love around the office, why not start with keeping it clean? With the cold winter months around it can be quiet easy to forget about the upkeep and office maintenance that lies ahead. Though you might be all prepared for slips and falls outside the office, a little upkeep inside can keep the office germ and clutter free until spring. Not only is it better for your health, but it’s also great for office morale. To start getting your office in shape, remember these tasks.

Stay On Top of Entryways

Now is the time where ice, snow, water, and dirt can come trekking into your office entryways. All this can lead to a significant accident. By continually checking that the entryways are dry and safe, you can be sure your employees are not at risk.

Encourage Clutter-Free Desks

A clutter free office is a productive one! You want to make sure you are providing your employees the right tools to keep their supplies organized and tidy. Provide easy to access filing cabinets or encourage your employees to go paperless. These simple steps can help stop the mountains of paper on each desk and allows your employees to spend more time on working, and less time on searching for what they need.

Keep Up With The Cleaning

One way to cut down on a big cleaning is hiring a night crew to come in and tidy up. If you are noticing that your office is getting less clean quicker and quicker, it might be time to have them come more often. By keeping your office constantly tidy, you can keep your employees from getting sick and save your office furniture from early on wear and tear. Remember a clean office is a happy one!

Replace Old Furniture

For your employees to get the best work experience, they need to have the right tools to do so. If your furniture is older than them, it’s probably not created to support the devices they now have. A good desk will allow them the right surface area to work. Don’t forget about posture either! A proper chair will provide the lumbar support they need to power through the day. Take a look around at your office, and upgrade anything you can now. Your employees will thank you for it with a more productive day!

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