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The 5 Spring School Fundraiser Tips For Success

February 1, 2018

It’s never too early to start planning your spring fundraisers! Bakes sales might seem like the best way to raise money, but they’ve been done over and over again. Besides, when it comes to raising some money, why not have a little fun? There are plenty of unique ways to help your school raise money that can allow for you to have a little fun; so here are five wonderful ways you can have fun for a cause!

Trivia Night

Your brainy guests will have to pay to play, but it’s all for a good cause — and a great prize. Invite students, faculty, friends, and family to come be a part of the action and divide all participants into equal teams. Then, let the games begin!

Bingo Bash 

Similar to trivia night, your guests will have to buy their way into the big game. Allow players the opportunity to purchase additional bingo cards at a reduced price to raise more money. People can’t pass up the opportunity to increase their odds!

Weekend Carnival 

The best part about having an outdoor event is that you’ve got plenty of space to invite the whole town. Rent some rides if your budget will allow, and invite your students to create carnival game booths for guests to play. You can even invite students to put on performances for the crowd.

Spring Flower Sale

Take advantage of the landscaping season and sell flowers and bulbs to the local community. Friends and family of your students and faculty members will be happy to beautify their garden for a good cause.

Craft Sale

Organize a craft sale and encourage students to get creative with nifty gadgets to sell to your community. You can even invite local vendors to rent a booth and participate.

Looking for more ways to raise money for your school district this season? Visit this website for a nice long list of ideas!

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