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teacher and students playing wit puzzles

The Benefits of Puzzle Play at a Young Age

January 29, 2018

Puzzles are a great way to get kids minds going in a fun and creative direction. Whether it’s in or out of school, puzzle play at a young age can help children work on a variety of skills. So in honor of National Puzzle Day, here are just a few of the excellent benefits playing with puzzles can have. 

Motor Skills and Coordinations

From hand and eye coordination, gross motor skill with large puzzle pieces, and fine motor skills with little ones — puzzles have many incredible benefits that we often don’t think of. With the stacking and piecing together of large puzzles, your child can then begin to work on the small motor skills. By moving on to smaller puzzle pieces the finger movement needed often leads to improved writing and typing skills. 

Cognitive Skills

Puzzles require memory, problem-solving and shape recognition — all excellent skills to work on at a young age. Beginner puzzles expose kids to simples shapes and as the age increases so does the shape complexity. A piece doesn’t fit here, but it must fit somewhere else, this is one example of the typical problem-solving skills a child has to use to complete a puzzle, they also must remember the pieces that didn’t fit and where they could.

Improves Patience and Creates Goals

A time-consuming activity, kids must take the time to work each piece into another. From beginning to end, puzzles require a variety goals to be successful. Whether it’s pairing like pieces together, or working on the outside before the inside pieces, playing with puzzles helps emotional skills as you patiently and strategically work to meet your goal of completing it.  


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