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Creative Ways to Celebrate National Handwriting Day

January 23, 2018

It’s no secret that the art of handwriting isn’t what it once was. With cell phones, laptops and tablets, notes and lists have all become digital. Pencil and pens have traded themselves in for keyboards, but that doesn’t mean this lot art is gone for good!  In honor of National Handwriting Day we encourage you to put down the digital and get back to the paper and pens, and here are a few ways to do just that:

Go Old School

Everyone loves getting a handwritten note or letter, and lately, they are hard to come by. Why not take this day to tell someone how you feel with a personal and handwritten letter? Who knows — they might write you one back!

Pick Up a Book

Though it still in print, books often begin with just a paper and pen! By starting a good book, or finishing a classic that’s been collecting dust on your nightstand, you are showing an appreciation for one of the best art forms around.

Start Your Own Story

Let your creative juices flow, and jot down your tale! Whether you have a personal story to tell or a new one to create — there is no better day than today to begin. You can even practice your signature as it could lead you to sign a lot of best-selling novels.

Practice With Young Ones

Get the young ones in your life involved, by practicing their writing skills. Whether you practice their signature, work on building sentences or merely express some creative writing, it will be a great way to bond.

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