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Classroom Crafts Perfect For The Holiday

December 17, 2017


Looking for an easy and festive way to keep your students in the classroom spirit? Why not throw a craft or two into your weekly routine. Whether they  decide to decorate something for themselves, or create something for their parents, the fun activity will keep your students focused and ready to learn. So if you are looking for a few classroom crafts that won’t break the bank, here are a few easy and quick ones to consider.


Are your students required to read a book over their holiday break? Have them decorate their own holiday bookmark to help them keep their place! If reading isn’t really there thing, they can also make one for their parents.

Gift Boxes

For this holiday activity, ask students to bring in old shoe boxes that they no longer need. Then, provide them with arts and crafts materials such as construction paper and have them cover and decorate the box in their own way! Hand made gifts are always appreciated, so handmade boxes will be no different!

Picture Frame

Did your students take class pictures yet? Consider having them create their own holiday-themed frame for their family members to put their picture in!

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