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Giving Your Desk a Summer Makeover

July 27, 2017

We know it might seem like a struggle to spend summers at your desk, but there are many ways you can beat the indoor blues and add some sun into your office space. So if you are looking to bring the bright and light feeling of summer into your work space, here are just a few ways you can do so:

Add a Calendar

Yes, this might seem like the last thing you want to do, since no one wants to count down the days of summer, but think of it as a year-round desk accessory that is both useful and stylish. Find one with uplifting quotes or make your own; either way, adding some decor to your desk will help you focus more on work and less on the beach day you are missing.

Get a Desk Plant

Plants are a great addition to the office. They help clean the air and give it a natural, yet classy, look. If you don’t want to deal with watering it, get a rubber plant. No matter real or fake, adding some greenery to the office adds some character and warmth!

New Supplies

One way to give your desk the perfect recharge is to freshen up your office supplies. New pens, some post-it notes, or maybe some summer fun family photos? If you have an office, add a new bulletin board or wall art, or change up your computer screensaver. No matter how you switch up your office, it’s the personal touches that really make you feel at home!

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