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3 Tips For Staying Green in The Office

July 23, 2017

When working in an office, there are many activities that consume energy and are detrimental to the environment. From computers being left on overnight to desk blotters being thrown in the garbage, internal waste can begin to add up, increasing the carbon footprint left on the Earth. Despite the many, negative practices that often occur in office buildings, there are ways to go green—here are some eco-friendly tips to help you get started:

Tip 1: Recycle Paper

The first and most important step in going green is to recycle paper. With your employer’s permission, put aside a basket that’s designated for used/scrapped paper. Instead of throwing it out, you can have that paper recycled at the end of each week.

Tip 2: Use Non-Toxic Supplies

Instead of using your traditional bleach-based cleaner, go for more natural-based solutions. In fact: natural solutions are just as effective at cleaning surfaces, and not only provide a thorough cleaning, but are not as harmful to your lungs like traditional cleaners!

Tip 3: Dress-down Days

No matter the season, the temperature in the office won’t satisfy everybody’s needs. Instead of battling over the AC/heat, let employees dress-down on Fridays. This will cut energy costs in half, since everyone will dress comfortably for their personal preference. If you’re brave enough, you can make dress-down days every day — but make sure it’s okay with your building’s policies.

Here at Nickerson, we are proud to say that we are committed to environmentally friendly business practices and work with manufacturers who are dedicated to the same ideals. Nickerson is pleased to say that the majority of our manufacturers currently have, and are continuously improving, sustainability policies. We’ve been provided quality and environmentally friendly classroom furniture to schools in the New York and New Jersey area for over 60 years. Call us at 631-666-0200 to learn more about the products and services that we offer.