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Eco-Friendly Summer Fun for Kids

June 30, 2017

Now that school is out for summer, it’s time to plan your summer activities. Keeping your kids busy can sometimes feel like a challenge, but it shouldn’t have to. There are many fun and eco-friendly activities your child can enjoy this summer — so why not try a few of them below?

Sandbox Treasure Hunt

Do you have a sandbox in your backyard? Why not have your child dig for treasure. You can even let them dress up. Hide different pieces of treasure in the sand and have them dig away!  Another way to keep them interested is to hand them a treasure map to follow.

Make a Bird Feeder

Creating a bird feeder will allow your child to tap into their nurturing and caring side. There are many different ways to make a bird feeder out of recycled materials, such as old milk cartons or toilet paper rolls. You can even have your child hand paint them or roll them in peanut butter and birdseed. Either way — it’s a great way to talk to your kids about nature.

Take a Hike

Scope out local trails, and go with your child on a nature hike! Check out the trees, flowers, and birds, all while collecting leaves and bird watching. Once you start to get a bit tired, why not end the day with a picnic lunch?

Here at Nickerson, we are proud to say that we are committed to environmentally friendly business practices and work with manufacturers who are dedicated to the same ideals. Nickerson is pleased to say that the majority of our manufacturers currently have, and are continuously improving, sustainability policies. We’ve been provided quality and environmentally friendly classroom furniture to schools in the New York and New Jersey area for over 60 years. Call us at 631-666-0200 to learn more about the products and services that we offer.