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3 Tips for Spring Cleaning the Classroom

May 23, 2017

Spring is here, and teachers and students everywhere are starting to countdown the final days of school. As the race to summer begins, it’s time to prepare your classroom for its last days. Spring cleaning the classroom is a great activity that you and your students can enjoy. If you’re not sure where to start, these three tips below will help you get your classroom summer ready:

1. Declutter, Dedust, and Reorganize.

Go through cubbies and all cabinets and search for broken, unused or outdated materials that are taking up space. Once you’ve decided what is worth keep and what is worth tossing, label and organize all that you are keeping so they’re easier to find next year. Now that you’ve gotten your classroom back in order, use a large duster to dust from ceiling to floor including all bulletin boards and whiteboards.

2. Get a Breath of Fresh Air.

If your classroom is smelling not so fresh, why not let in some air? Open the windows and doors to allow the new spring air in and the stale air out. Since some of your students may have allergies, air fresheners and room sprays should be avoided.

3. Get the Students Involved

After the organizing and redecorating are complete, why not get the children involved? Use an old shoebox to collect broken pencils and crayons, have them reorganize their papers, supplies and wipe down their desks. Once all the broken crayons are collected, you can find a way to repurpose them for fun classroom crafts.

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