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5 Eco and Kid Friendly Crafts

May 12, 2017

Spring cleaning time is officially here! In the midst of organizing the house, you might find some random odds and ends that might seem worth tossing — but hold off! Spare buttons and broken crayons can be turned into some unique crafts that are not only cost effective but also eco-friendly. Below are 5 creative ways you and your child can spend the next rainy day together:

1. Rock It Out

Make use of nature and break out the paint. A hand designed rock is an affordable and creative way to allow children to express themselves. Bonus — it would be a nice addition to your garden.

2. Make Use of Buttons

When it comes to crafting with buttons, the possibilities are endless!  You can create jewelry, use them to make a tree, make a framed monogram, or glue them to paper and create a collage.

3. Reuse Broken Crayons

Hot glue any broken crayons to one side of a canvas. Once the glue has dried, you can heat the crayons with a blow dryer and watch them gradually melt down the canvas, creating a great splatter art design.

4. Brown Bag It

Why not have a puppet show? Grab some brown paper bags and craft paper and let your child create their own character and story. Then, have them perform it for you!

5. Make Use of Bubble Wrap

Not only is it fun to pop, but it’s also fun to paint with too. Dip one end in paint and press it onto paper to create a beautiful design. Be sure to wait till your done painting to pop it!


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