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3 Science Experiments to Do With Your Kids Over Spring Break

April 7, 2017

It’s here — spring! And while that means sunshine and flowers, it also means the kids will soon be off from school for a whole week, leaving you to entertain them. Sure they’ll be spending most of their time outside, but if you encounter any rainy days this spring break, here are a few fun science experiments to do with your little Einstein.

Salt Crystal Feathers

This idea is deceptively simple, but will leave your little one in awe. Salt crystals are an easy, fun, and colorful way to teach your kids about evaporation (and patience!). All you’ll need is a bit of iodized salt, a few colorful feathers, and a clear mason jar. Get all the instructions at Schooling A Monkey.

Slime Time Live

Your elementary school aged child can probably tell you the three states of matter — solid, liquid, and gas — but do they know what something that’s both a liquid and a solid is called? Teach them about polymers with their own DIY slime. Get the full recipe from Explorable.

Blast Off

Have you ever told yourself (or maybe someone else), “It’s not rocket science!” Well, today it is! Teach your child about chemical reactions by making this fun baking soda and vinegar rocket. Get all the details from The Science Kiddo.

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