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Tips for a Great Spring Concert

March 7, 2017

Spring concert season has finally begun! Your students have been busy practicing all year, and the time is finally here for them to show off what they’ve learned. Whether you’re prepping for a choir, band, or orchestra concert, here are a few last minute tips to make sure everything goes smoothly.  

Prioritize During Your Rehearsals

Sure, if you had the option everyone would play and look perfect, but we all know that’s not realistic. During rehearsals, you don’t have the time to correct every tiny imperfection. Instead of getting caught up on the little things, like if people are all sitting the same way, spend more time on the things that matter, like the tempo, melody, and eventually dynamics.  

Play Recordings for Your Students

Give your students a point of reference by playing them a recording of the song, performed by professionals. This will help them understand what you mean when you give directions.

Have a Dress Code

A dress code is a great way to make sure everyone on stage looks uniform and professional. Typically, all black or white shirts and black bottoms look the best.

Instill Confidence

Getting on stage and performing in front of a crowd of people can be nerve-wracking – even for younger kids. Before they all walk out onto the stage, give them a little pep talk. Just telling them something simple, like, “You are going to do great,” or, “Everyone is excited to see you,” can really raise their confidence level.

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