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6 Apps to Make You More Environmentally Friendly

February 28, 2017

When Apple first launched the App Store in 2008, it had exactly 500 apps to choose from (which if anyone remembers was quite a feat at the time). But now, with more than 2.2 million apps available, you can bet that no matter what you’re interested in – there’s an app for that. And in this case, “that” is a desire to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Below are our top picks for smartphone apps that will help you decrease your carbon footprint.

Carma Carpooling helps you find people nearby to carpool with. Not only will you cut gas emissions by traveling with others, but carpooling also reduces the amount of traffic on the road and saves you money.

#climate is an app that is designed to unite “vital, tangible, climate-saving solutions from the leading climate orgs with the most thoughtful, impactful influencers.” A user simply creates a profile and says what they are passionate about, like global warming, water conservation, or protecting endangered species, and the app automatically sends you suggested actions to take part in.

Dropcountr connects you to your water supply company via your smartphone. The app lets you track your water usage, create a customized drought and water budget, and will even notify you of leaks.

Ecoviate is essentially Facebook for the environmental community. Through Ecoviate, users can create a profile, then like, comment on, and share environmental articles and connect with like-minded people.

Farmstand has the locations of over 8,500 farmer’s markets from around the world. Farmstand can help you find the freshest, most locally sourced food around, as well as open times, directions, and photos of that market shared by other market-goers.

Oroeco is one of the few apps that is a full environmental impact tracking device. With this app, you can see exactly what aspects of your lifestyle negatively impact the climate, from where you shop and eat, to the transportation you use.


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