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Top Environmental Websites for Students (Grade k-9)

January 30, 2017

The temperature may read 20 degrees outside, but that doesn’t mean kids can’t still explore the world around them. Interactive websites are a fun way way to teach kids about environmental issues, as well as ways to help improve our planet. If the cold weather has got you and your kids stuck inside, here are a few educational websites to check out.

EekoWorld: This site, designed by PBS, teaches elementary aged children how to care for the Earth using animated characters and games.

Global Warming Kids Site: Created by the EPA, this site uses interactive games to explain in simple and clear terms what global warming is, what causes it and how young people can help stop it.

Recycle City: In Recycle City, you can create your own scavenger hunt, visit the recycling plant downtown and learn the basics of how and what to recycle.

Environmental Education for Kids: Designed for grades 5 – 9, this site has plenty of magazine articles, animal fun facts and information about what environmental issues are the most serious threat to our planet.

Kids Saving Energy: Are your kids constantly leaving the lights on? This website, developed by the US Department of Energy, teaches kids the importance of conserving energy through fun games and cartoons.

Earth Matters 4 Kids: This site teaches students (grades K-6) how science and nature work together to maintain an ecosystem. Students can tour a virtual world and learn about the environment they live in, as well as ones across the world.

Tunza: Developed by the U.N. Environment Programme, this site features a specific topic regarding sustainability every month. What makes this site truly unique is that the articles are written for teens, by teens from around the world.


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