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Top 7 Eco-friendly School Supplies for the New Year

January 23, 2017

We’ve officially reached the halfway point in school! And for most parents, it’s no surprise that by this time of the year pencils have disappeared, markers have run dry and notebooks are all used up. If it’s time to make a second trip for school supplies, think about switching to these eco-friendly options.

TreeSmarts Pencils: Made from 100% recycled newspapers, TreeSmarts Pencils are perfect for keeping up on all your old school notes.

CamelBak eddy Kids Sports Bottle: Over 60 million plastic bottles end up in landfills every day. Cut down on waste by sending your kids to school with a reusable sports bottle. And you won’t have to worry about accidental leaks because this bottle is equipped with a spill-resistant design.

Rock Paper Notebook: You’ll save on water, trees, energy, and post-production waste with this paper notebook that is made from crushed limestone instead of trees.

Eco Staple Free Stapler: No metal waste or fallen staples make it perfect for little fingers.

Goodbye Bynto: Cut down on brown paper bags and one-time use sandwich bags with this BPA and phthalate-free lunchbox that is 100% recyclable.

The Seven Year Pen: Did you know that Americans throw away 1.6 billion disposable pens every year? The Seven Year Pen cuts down on millions of wasted pens by, you guessed it – lasting for an average of seven years! That’s 10 times longer than traditional pens.

Beatrix NY Little Kid Backpack: Designed for kids age 3 – 6, these adorable backpacks are free of PVC pipe, lead, toxic dyes and phthalates.


Here at Nickerson Corporation, we are also heavily committed to engaging in environmentally friendly business practices and make it a priority to work with manufacturers who share similar values. To keep up with our green efforts, we offer products that are durable (to minimize waste), made from easily replicable parts (to eliminate the need to completely replace such products), and manufactured in a way that does not emit damaging products into our environment. For more information on how we can help you go green in your classroom, please give us a call at (631) 666-0200!