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6 Ways to Celebrate National Inspire Your Heart with Art Day

January 23, 2017

It seems all too often that people say they can’t draw because they don’t know how to. Even if you’re not a pro, the benefits of creating and learning about art are open to everyone. January 31st is National Inspire Your Heart with Art Day, so take a moment to encourage your students or kids to explore their creative side.

Visit a Local Art Gallery

Plan a field trip to a local art gallery. At the end of the day, have students write about their favorite piece of artwork and why. You can even have them recreate the piece using items around the classroom.

Show a Silent Film

TV…but without sound!? It’s hard for most students nowadays to believe there was once only black and white, silent movies. Show kids what their grandparents and even great grandparents used to watch when they were their age.

Write a Poem

Poetry not only helps you to intellectually become a better reader and writer, but it also helps people emotionally. Writing poetry helps evolve your sense of creativity and compassion for others while making you more open minded. People who write and share their poetry are also     more confident and self assured.

Learn a New Dance

You can teach the class one cultural dance, like the Bachata or Irish stepdance, or have them create their own unique dance. Not only is it great exercise, but dancing also relieves stress and improves attention.

Make a Scrapbook

Ask students to bring in old pictures and create a scrapbook or collage of memories.

Learn an Instrument

Even if it’s something as small as a recorder, learning an instrument as a child makes your brain process information differently.

“If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint’, then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.” – Vincent Van Gogh

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