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5 Creative Ways to Celebrate National Handwriting Day

January 19, 2017

It’s no surprise that most four-year-olds can use an iPhone as well as any teenager. But while kids are learning how to use computers younger and younger, teachers are noticing their fine motor skills steadily decrease.  As January 23rd brings National Handwriting Day into attention, dedicate a few minutes of class to making writing by hand fun again!

Write a letter to someone famous. Have your students write to their favorite celebrity, politician, or author. Afterwards, have them give a short presentation about who they chose and why. Make sure to also teach them the right way to address someone and sign a formal letter.

Try calligraphy. Go really old school and teach your students about the art of calligraphy. Even if they just write a few words or draw a picture, at least they’ll be trying something new and getting away from the screens.

Design a notebook. Grab some markers, chalk, paint and whatever else you can think of and have your students create their own personalized notebook covers. Have them write in it every night and at the end of the week ask students to share their favorite story.

Write to someone in need. Is there a hospital or nursing home nearby? Contact the facility and ask if you can drop off cards to the residents. Your students will improve their penmanship while brightening up someone else’s day.

Design a t-shirt. Using felt and fabric pens, have your students write messages to one another on plain white t-shirts. Let your students take them home and read everything their classmates wrote about them (just make sure they keep it PG).
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