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Tips For Keeping Your Classroom Tidy

December 1, 2016

As busy teachers, we get that sometimes things can get hectic and your classroom can get messy. But  with the new year approaching, it’s a good idea to set your resolution to be cleaner and tidier in 2017! Here are some ways to keep your room tidy to avoid chaos in the classroom:

  • Color-code everything– it’s a proven system that our eyes will register meaning in the colors we use.
  • Keep a large calendar in the class with important dates of events, assignments and information. Students can view the calendar every day, updating them with any information they need to be aware of.
  • Use binders. Loose leaf papers have a way of getting crumpled or lost.   
  • Store materials in clearly labeled bins. This will increase productivity in the classroom and will help your time management skills.
  • Make a seating chart. Not only will attendance go quickly, it will eliminate the need for students to find a new seat every day.
  • Dust once a week. Even though janitors typically take care of your room, dusting will keep things looking neat and clean (and will also help any students with allergies!).
  • Have an end of the day routine with the children. Reminding students what they can expect tomorrow and what assignments will be due will ensure for a smooth transition every morning when your students come to class.

What tips do you have to keep your classroom tidy? Let us know on our Facebook page!

In addition to these tips,  having the right furniture in your classroom is essential  to keeping things tidy.  Here at Nickerson Corporation, we supply a variety of classroom furniture products that are comfortable, reliable and flexible to help you create the best educational environment possible. From traditional classroom furniture such as desks and chairs to library furniture, food courts, whiteboards and more, we have a selection of products that can aid in every aspect of a child’s education.

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