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Holiday Classroom Crafts

December 10, 2016


It can often be hard to keep student’s attention in the weeks leading up to the holiday break. If your students are having a hard time focusing this holiday season, try incorporating these crafts into the classroom.


Are your students required to read a book over their holiday break?  Encourage them to have fun while reading by creating their own holiday bookmark. They’ll feel a sense of excitement whenever they pick up their book, knowing their crafty creation is there to hold their place!

Gift Boxes:

If your students are giving gifts for the holidays, they’ll definitely need a way to wrap them. Ask students to bring in old boxes that they no longer need and let their imaginations run wild. Provide them with colored paper, glue, sparkles, stickers and markers! After all, who wouldn’t love getting a handcrafted box to go with a thoughtful gift?

Picture Frame:

Decorating a picture frame is a great gift for the holidays. If your students took their class photos already, they can give a personal gift to friends and family housed in a customized frame made by them. This will be sure to put a smile on anyone’s face who received it.

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