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Tips To Stay Healthy At School

November 1, 2016

We are approaching cold and flu season, so it’s more important than ever to teach your students ways to stay healthy. According to the CDC, nearly 60 million school days are lost each year due to colds or the influenza virus. Infections spread in schools so easily because students are in close contact and share supplies and equipment. Make sure to keep your students and your classroom healthy by following these tips:

  • Promote hand washing.  Encourage your students to regularly wash their hands well to prevent over students from getting sick and from spreading bacteria and viruses.
  • Educate your students on necessary infection controls, such as coughing into elbows or using tissues, to reduce the infection rates in school.
  • Making sure classroom materials and surfaces are disinfected. A lot of learning in schools is hands-on with shared resources. Be sure to maintain a clean classroom, with frequent washing of desktops and commonly shared classroom tools.
  • Encourage your sick students to stay home. Sure, it’s always difficult when a student misses days, but students who have a fever, feel nauseated, are vomiting, or have diarrhea should stay home and away from others.
  • Make infection prevention part of the school-day routine. Allow your students time in the day for hand washing, and be sure to disinfect all areas and belongings at the end of each day.
  • Encourage your students to get proper rest and to eat healthy at home. There is no better way to positively impact your immune system than by sleeping and eating a well-balanced nutritious diet full of vitamins and minerals.
  • Get them moving! Daily exercise is instrumental in keeping your child healthy. Spend extra time allowing them to play in the gymnasium or at recess.

Since proper exercise and classroom cleanliness are integral parts of a child’s well-being at school, be sure they have the adequate equipment to stay healthy! Consider replacing old, dingy desks and athletic equipment, with new squeaky clean ones! At Nickerson Corporation, we supply a variety of classroom furniture products that are comfortable, reliable and flexible to help you create the best educational environment possible. From traditional classroom furniture such as desks and chairs to library furniture, food courts, athletic equipment and more, we have a selection of products that can aid in every aspect of a child’s education.

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