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Tips For Clearing Clutter In the Classroom

October 5, 2016

Let’s face it, it’s hard to have a productive day when we’re working in chaos and clutter. Teachers and classrooms can accumulate lots of things over the years, so it’s important to take time to weed out the unnecessary items to create a clean space for learning. Here are some tips for clearing clutter in the classroom:

Get rid of extra copies: It’s easy to hold on to lots of extra copies, since you might not know when you’ll need them again in the future–but chances are, you won’t remember you have them anyway and will end up making more. Recycle unused and extra copies to help declutter your space.

Create binders by subject: Break down your typical year by subjects and topics, creating a binder for each one. This will keep all relevant material in one space, avoiding you having to search around for your lessons.

Get rid of hanging folders: These folders often slip off, causing the materials to spill all over, creating a bigger mess. Instead, replace these with your newly organized binders. It will take up less space and will make your day to day prep much easier.

Assign a spot for everything: Utilize drawer organizers to keep personal items and school related items separate and in neat compartments. Don’t leave belongings all over your desk–make sure to put back items in their designated space each time you use them. Staying on top of your organization will help you avoid being inundated with clutter in the long run.

Donate unused stuff: If you have stacks of books, tools, or even craft supplies that no longer suit you, hand them off to other teachers in need. Passing on material is a great way to clear your clutter while helping out another classroom. Sometimes, you just need to let them go!

What tips do you have for clearing your classroom clutter? Let us know on our Facebook page.

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