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Schedule Your Seasonal School Maintenance

October 3, 2016

We’re only about a month into school but it’s already time to start thinking about the winter break. Winter break is the perfect time to take care of any maintenance or repair issues that weren’t able to be addressed over the summer. Take a look around now that you’ve been back in the swing of things for a month, and notice if your school furniture, lockers or auditorium seating could use some extra TLC. If so, don’t wait for the school year to be over to make updates and perform the necessary maintenance. Holiday break will be here soon, presenting the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the vacant building!

At Nickerson Corporation, we firmly believe that keeping your furniture and equipment in good working condition is key to both the safety and the academic success of each and every student that walks through your halls. Eliminate the need for extensive repairs or total replacement by scheduling regular maintenance checkups.

Our team is available to perform maintenance checks and inspections in the following areas:

Gymnasium and Athletic Equipment
Auditorium and Fixed Seating
Indoor and Outdoor Bleachers
Hall, Gym, and Classroom Lockers
School and Faculty Restrooms & more!

Don’t sit on this opportunity to give your school the best care it could receive. Use the holiday break to your advantage and hire the best service team in the school furniture!

For more information about how Nickerson Corporation can help your school succeed, or to schedule a service appointment now for winter break, give us a call at 631-666-0200 today!