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Educational Activities With Pumpkins

October 13, 2016


We’re in countdown to Halloween, so chances are your classrooms are already filled with tons of pumpkins! But did you know you could use these pumpkins for fun educational activities for your students? Get your kids in the spooky spirit while helping them learn something new with these educational pumpkin activities:

Predicting Pumpkins

Do larger pumpkins have more seeds than smaller pumpkins? Is there a relationship between a pumpkin’s size and the number of seeds it contains? This lesson will help your students analyze the findings of their pumpkin to see if there are any conclusions that can be drawn based on the data collected.

Hang a Jack-O’-Lantern Mobile

Provide students with an array of instructions and measurements to cut, so they can form their own pumpkin. This is a good lesson to test your student’s listening skills and to see if they can follow directions. The difficulty of the instructions can be tailored to the various age groups of students you are teaching.

Pumpkin Puzzler

Put your students’ math skills to the test with this pumpkin puzzler activity.  Since this activity requires that a candle be lit, make sure to always attend to the candle and never let it burn unsupervised. Also make sure that your students aren’t in the area of the burning candle. This activity will help your students analyze and determine how many candles they will need in order to burn one every night at the same time until Halloween. Once they determine that amount, have them write an explanation of their thought process. This is a way to get them involved in educational thinking by having fun!

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