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How To Keep Students Engaged

September 15, 2016

One of the greatest difficulties you will face as a teacher is keeping your student’s  attention for an extended period of time. Especially now that technology is so prominent in students’ lives, it’s likely that your students are more tuned into their electronic devices than they are to what’s being presented to them. Keep your students engaged and reduce your chances of having to struggle with students who aren’t paying attention, and try out these teaching techniques:

Be Clear: Talking too fast or trying to breeze through your lesson can easily cause students to lose their focus. When your students are trying to take notes, they can feel discouraged if you’re racing through the lesson while they’re trying to jot down all of the information. Make sure to speak slowly and clearly, and always be willing to return to a topic if students need more clarification.

Switch It Up: While some lessons will require you to lecture, try not to design every class to be lecture based. Consider adding some different lessons, including group-work, interactive ones and hands on demonstrations. Changing up your teaching style will keep your students engaged and excited for what is to come.

Use Humor: When students were asked about instructor behaviors that increase their attention in class, they named the use of humor and the avoidance of a monotone presentation style as two of the top behaviors. We all react well to someone who is animated and engaging when speaking, and the same holds true for the classroom. Try to make your classes lively and entertaining, and use good presentation practices to avoid a monotone delivery.

In addition to using these strategies and techniques, it’s important to realize that your classroom’s furniture and setup also play a role in keeping students focused. Make sure to set up your room to create a collaborative and nurturing learning environment. Nickerson Corporation, offers furniture that is reliable, comfortable and flexible for your school’s classroom! For more information on our products, give us a call at 631-666-0200 today!