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Ways To Incorporate Interactive Whiteboards In The Classroom

August 7, 2016

Interactive Whiteboards (IWB) have grown increasingly popular in schools all across the country. While some teachers have embraced them, others are opting to stick to their traditional chalkboards–that is, until now. As technology is increasing, schools are seeing the benefits of keeping up with the ever changing technological times. Whether you’re completely new at using these whiteboards, or you’re an old pro, incorporating them into your classroom can put a whole new spin on learning. Here are some fun ways to incorporate interactive whiteboards into our classroom:

Explore Google Earth: Take geography lessons to a whole new level and utilize Google Earth from your IWB. You can actually transport your class to the area you’re teaching them about, giving them a much better understanding of that location.

Collaborate: IWBs allow students to interact with one another, and their teacher at all times. You can work on a project together without actually being together!

Record Students: It may be hard to remember everything when watching one of your students give a presentation. The IWBs allow you to record and watch back their presentation, that can be used for grading or learning purposes later on.

Take a Virtual Tour: There are tons of historic institutions and landmarks online that offer virtual tours for learning purposes. The IWBs are great in that they keep students engaged and interested in the topics being taught.

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