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What We Offer: Corporate Interior Furniture

August 4, 2016


At Nickerson we believe that when you feel good, you’ll work better. That’s why we’ve developed an extensive line of professional office furniture, perfect for higher education, public and private corporations, healthcare facilities and more. Here are some of the products we offer to make sure that you’re comfortable and feeling your best at work:

Higher Education Facilities: Since most colleges and universities have a prestigious reputation to uphold, they should also have quality and stylish furniture to match.

If you’re looking to furnish your higher education establishment, we offer:

  • Lecture Hall and Instruction Room Furniture
  • Comfortable Lounge Furniture for Common Areas
  • Upscale Cafe and Dining Seating
  • Administrative Desks and Office Outfitting


Healthcare Facilities: The majority of patients will be waiting for an extended period of time in a hospital or doctor’s office, therefor it’s crucial that the decor not only looks nice, but provides great comfort as well. If you’re looking to furnish your healthcare facility, consider one of these to make your office stylish, durable and comfortable:

  • Safely Configured Assisted Living Spaces
  • High Quality Exam and Laboratory Furniture
  • Sophisticated Administrative Furniture Solutions
  • Comfortable Waiting Area and Lobby Seating


Workplace: It’s no secret that employees spend a majority of their day sitting at a desk. Studies have shown that attractive and comfortable office settings increased productivity and set your employees up for greater success. At Nickerson, we have lots to offer your office space:

  • Customized Workstations and Private Offices
  • Comfortable and Functional Conference Room Setups
  • Reception and Lobby Accommodations


Nickerson Corporate Interiors is a full service division of Nickerson Corporation, a certified NYS WBE which includes sales, design and installation services. The Corporate Interiors division provides furnishing solutions for colleges, universities, corporations, healthcare and all levels of government offices. To learn more about the products and services we offer, give us a call at 631-666-0200.