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Activities For The First Day Of School

August 3, 2016

We’re quickly approaching the first day of school, so it’s time to start planning your first day activities. While students often know each other from years past, it’s still important to plan a group activity to break the ice and make your kids feel welcome. Here are some ways to get your students excited about school on day one:

Get Ready For School Hunt: To familiarize students with the school and personnel, it’s a fun idea to  take them on a hunt for a certain goodies around the school. Before school begins  hide the items somewhere on the grounds and  write out clue cards. You can read the clues aloud and let the hunt begin! Students will have a great time working together and familiarizing themselves with their new surroundings, while having fun!

All About Me Posters: Take a large sheet of paper or oak tag and have your students write their names, birthdays and some other fun facts about them to share with their new class. It’s always interesting to see what each student includes–such as their favorite color, sport, or family members names. Hang these posters around the room to display for all to see.

First Day Letter: A cool, interactive way to connect with your students is to give them a letter on the first day of school with a little bit of information about yourself. Then you can ask each student to write back to you and fill you in on details about their lives. This can serve as both a sample of their writing ability, and as a fun welcoming ice breaker.

What first day activities will you be incorporating into your classroom? Let us know on our Facebook page!
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