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How To Set Up An Ideal Classroom

June 30, 2016

Times are a-changin’! Gone are the days where heavy wooden desks and chairs are the norm in the classroom. There are tons of new options when selecting classroom furniture–and it’s important to keep your space up-to-date to maximize your student’s comfort and productivity at school. Top educators came together to plan an ideal place for their students to learn. Here’s what they found:

Choose the Right Color: Studies show that keeping your wall colors warm and neutral are the most effective when setting up a classroom. You can add pops of color with unique furniture, wall art and accessories.

Be Innovative: Modern educators are advocating for furniture that allows for diversity and flexibility, to promote productivity in the classroom. When setting up your ideal space, choose comfortable seating and think out of the box with it–bean bags, couches or even yoga balls are good options to tap into student’s creativity.

Motivate: Whiteboard walls and chalkboard paint are great ideas for your classroom. Teachers stated that writing inspirational messages all over their classroom walls are great ways to keep their students motivated and encouraged.

Move It Or Lose It:  Having a classroom that is adaptable and easy to move is a crucial component in creating an ideal space to learn. Movable walls and desks on wheels are great options to accommodate different learning styles and are used to create open spaces to interact and collaborate.

Is your classroom set up to be an ideal place to learn? Maybe you’d like to add some new whiteboards or colorful rolling chairs to your space!  Nickerson Corporation can help give your classroom a makeover this summer! To learn more about the products we offer, give us a call at 631-660-0200.