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Why You Should Repair Your Bleachers Now

June 23, 2016

School is officially out, and it’s time to think about those summer maintenance projects that you’ve been planning all year. The quietness of summer vacation is the perfect opportunity to repair or replace your outdoor seating to ensure a safe and comfortable area for students and teachers when school is back in session. Here are some reasons why you should repair your bleachers now:

  • Increase safety: Outdated and damaged bleachers put your facility at a risk for potential accident liability. To keep your students and spectators safe, repair your broken down bleachers now.
  • Pass inspection: Did you know that all states and the National Fire Protection Association require inspections of bleachers on a yearly basis? Make sure that your viewing areas are up to par to avoid failing inspection and paying costly fines.
  • Add comfort: Draw in the spectating crowds with your new and improved bleachers. Show support for your favorite team, by providing a comfortable spot to watch the game and cheer them on!
  • Update appearance: Bleachers take a lot of wear and tear as they’re exposed to different conditions throughout the year. If your bleachers are showing signs of being weathered and outdated, it’s time for a repair! A simple refresh can give the appearance of a whole new set of bleachers!

From safety inspections to operational enhancements, Nickerson Corporation offers complete on-site maintenance and repair programs to keep your seating system safe and up to code. Our bleachers are the most reliable, durable and comfortable on the market. Whether your school gym needs a completely new bleacher installation or your bleachers need to be refurbished we have a product line and price that will fit your needs and budget. For more information on how we can assist with bleacher and  renovations, click here or visit our repair website.