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Top 3 School Renovation Ideas for Summer

May 19, 2016

For most school districts, summer break is only about a month away. While your students and staff are busy burying their toes in the sand and catching up on their favorite novels this season, why not make the most of the empty building and plan some much-needed renovations. If you’re not sure where to begin, we’ve got a few ideas to get you going.

The Auditorium – Has your school’s auditorium seen better days? If it’s lacking luster after years of wear-and-tear, we can’t say we’re surprised. After all, the auditorium is arguably the heart of the school building. Think about it, all of those orchestra performances, school plays, countless assemblies, and who could forget — every new student orientation speal. It’s about time that you invest in an upgrade, put your best foot forward, and make a lasting impression on your incoming students and their parents next year.

The Cafeteria – Lunchtime is the best time, so why not make sure your students are enjoying it? The cafeteria is the one place where students are free to mingle with friends at their leisure throughout the day. As such, it’s only fair to make the space as comfortable, energetic and inviting as possible. That’s where Nickerson comes in!

The Library – Let’s not forget about the school library — especially if that library hasn’t been remodeled since it’s initial construction. The learning landscape is ever-changing, and so your library should be too. Not only do you need easy-to-organize bookshelves and comfortable seating for young researchers, but you must remember to make room for technology as well.

Are you ready to embark on your summer renovation journey? If so, just call 631-666-0200 and leave all the hard work to the pros here at Nickerson Corporation. We’ll work with you to design the best possible space for your school — to ensure the best possible education for your students!