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Why Are School Lockers So Important?

May 24, 2016

Close your eyes and visualize a school — any school, anywhere. Now, imagine yourself walking right through the front doors and into the hallway. What do you see? Just beyond the greeter’s desk and the main office, we bet you’re seeing lockers galore. That’s because lockers are a staple of school building nationwide! So, if school lockers are present in most school buildings, they’ve got to be making some sort of educational impact on students, right? Right, and here’s how:

Higher Quality Education – Overall, the ability to store textbooks and necessary school supplies right at school means that everything your students need to learn will always be at their fingertips. Since learning materials can be stored in lockers, that means more storage space will be freed up in the classroom as well, leaving more opportunity to display projects and set up learning stations.

Safety and Convenience – It goes without saying that having a personal storage solution makes things easier on your students. Not only will they enjoy the convenience of managing their school supplies from a secure locker, but they’ll also save themselves from backaches. Studies have shown that children who carry heavy books around on their backs all day have a better chance of developing scoliosis and back issues.

Encouraged Responsibility – Since students will be managing their own lockers, they’ll also be learning the importance of being responsible and accountable. They will need to manage their time in between classes to find the best opportunities to visit their locker. They’ll also learn the importance of security and staying organized.

Here at Nickerson Corporation, we value the efficiency and durability of a well-manufactured locker system. Partnering with leading manufacturers in the industry, including Art Metal Products and List Industries, Inc., we strive to bring high quality personal storage solutions to schools in the New York and New Jersey areas.

To learn more about our locker installation and repair options, visit our school locker product page or call 631-666-0200.