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How to Prepare Your Testing Site for Finals

May 10, 2016

Finals week is creeping up on us faster than you think! If you still haven’t worked out the details of your testing space setup, these simple tips should help set your plan in motion.

Select your spaces. How many different finals do you need to account for, and how many students will you need to accommodate in each room? Most schools choose to set up their gymnasiums and cafeterias for finals week, as they generally offer the most space.

Assess your supplies. Do you have enough seating to go around? Make sure that you not only have a desk for every student, but extra seating options on deck in case an issue should arise. Consider whether or not your setup requires movable walls or dividers as well.

Arrange your desks. When it comes to testing, the most important thing to keep in mind is the seating arrangement. Students should be seated far enough away from each other to both discourage cheating and encourage focus. Straight lines with aisles between them usually work best.

Assign your monitors. Don’t forget to create a finals schedule for your staff and faculty. Whenever possible, try to place the teacher for the subject that is being tested in the room. That way, they’ll be able to answer any questions that your students should have while taking the test.

Are you ready for finals week? If you’re short on movable walls or seating, allow Nickerson Corporation to assist. Our innovative line of school furniture provides all the benefits of functionality, with the added bonus of comfort for your young test-takers.

For more information about our school furniture and movable wall options, call 631-666-0200 to speak with a specialist today.